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What is the Order of Avalon?

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Welcome to the Order of Avalon-- an open and private online community for adults who are looking to learn more about or to participate in activities that involve BDSM. If you are under the age of eighteen, you will not be welcome here and we do require all members to adhere to safe and consensual practices. 

Membership is open to every person who has an interest in the lifestyle, regardless of whether you are completely new and looking to explore your desires or have been practicing as a Dominant or submissive for decades. We are trying to put away old things, but still welcome those who adhere to Old Guard or New Order principles. Respect is the basis for our discourse here and so long as you are able to respect the other members of this community, you are welcome to participate and engage in thoughtful discussion and play.

While BDSM stands for the art of Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism, it can have a different meaning for every person. In fact, people even argue that the letters themselves stand for different things. Dominance instead of discipline or submission instead of sadism. Everyone has the right to identify with the life the way that they choose and we don't believe in wrong answers as long as the people involved in each relationship have communicated and agreed to their definitions.

Since there are so many opinions circulating regarding this lifestyle, we are happy to help provide guidance, to dispel misconceptions and to teach those who are looking to learn. Most importantly, we are striving to provide a safe place to those who feel they are unable to explore their passions without being judged, exploited, abused or mislead. 

We hope that you will find a home here in our sanctuary so that our community can flourish in peace and constructive discourse. You are what will make Avalon great and we are happy to have you. 


Long live Avalon!


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