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  1. Before you enter any online BDSM community, it is important to understand how the information and materials you post may be used so that you can take a proactive approach to protecting your privacy and personal information. By joining this forum, you are giving consent for everything you say and do here to be used and seen by other members. This is due to the implied consent doctrine, which states that people do not need to provide written consent when their actions or failure to act imply that they consent to certain laws, rules or policies. Since there can be such broad applications to this law, I thought it important that you understand how the information you post on our forum can and will be used and the rights that you will retain while a member. Legal Definition of Implied Consent There are a variety of resources I can point you to when understanding consent laws. As a writer, who furthermore works routinely with a lawyer, I have an intricate understanding of concepts such as intellectual property, copyright and implied consent. It is important to understand that intellectual property and consent are two different things, and I will explain how we treat each of those things below. Intellectual property can be defined as an idea, design, story or other material that a person has created or produced. If you post a blog on our forum, the blog itself is your intellectual property. Your intellectual property is yours until you provide consent to give the rights up to another person in exchange for money, exposure or any other form of compensation. Copyright is important because it is what allows writers, musicians and artists to maintain the rights to their materials. What a copyright guarantees is that your content may not be used without your consent. Read the last three words of the previous sentence. Without your consent. Implied consent is a legal doctrine in the United States and many other countries that protects people in my position by defining what constitutes consent when there is no written contract. It is often used in drunk driving cases, rape trials and other high profile proceedings, but also applies to copyright claims when people share their content on websites. If you would like an exhaustive definition of implied consent, you can look here. I will summarize it for you as it applies to this site. Implied consent is the willingness of a person to adhere to rules, regulations or consequences based on his or her actions or inaction alone. By signing up to this forum, you are consenting that the Code of Avalon will apply to you while you are a member and that your posts will be used by the website as the administrators see fit. This applies to your profile information, pictures, blog posts, forum posts and chat activities. Your Rights as a Forum Member While implied consent protects The Order of Avalon, it is important to understand that your rights and property are protected here. If you would like to post blogs or stories, do so with the full knowledge that you will maintain your copyright, but also under acknowledgement that you consent to the material remaining here on the site even after you have departed. If you wish to submit material to be featured in our resources or articles sections, understand that you have the right to and will receive a byline for every article that is published so that you have credit for your work. You cannot rescind your permission at a later date, however. The very act of signing up for this forum has provided consent that your material be kept on the forum unless the administration sees fit to remove it. Therefore, keep these things in mind when you proceed, as we cannot be liable for you posting personal information or any pictures or videos that could prove to be compromising at a later time. My personal recommendations are that you use an email address for the express purpose of BDSM activities and never show your face in pictures you post in public. It is my hope that you join us and contribute actively here in a constructive manner and I hope that this information helps you understand your rights and how to protect your personal information and privacy.