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    Welcome to the Community Resources page. You will find a lot of information below to help you enjoy your stay in Avalon, from tutorials that teach you how to use forum features to guides on how to get the most out of your journey in the life style. It is my goal to help provide education to those who are still exploring their desires, but also to help those who are looking for sane and safe ways to try new and exciting things with their partners.

    This section will also be viewable to those outside. I want to allow those who have the legitimate desire to learn more about safe and consensual play to be able to access the knowledge they need to learn and grow as Dominants and submissives.

    If you would like to contribute with an article, let me know and I will let you know how to submit your material. Upon submission, I will have the right to edit and post how I see fit, but you will maintain the right to use your work on other sites. I will of course, provide credits to all who want them at the bottom of each article. 

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