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  1. Last night I did something I do upon occasion, I checked out another BDSM chat room. I do this every once in a while so that I can meet new people and keep things in perspective. The one I went to last night had nearly forty people chatting though only around a dozen were actively chatting in the main room. I was just sitting in the sidelines and could tell it was a tightly knit group of regulars, fine that happens. Then the things I hate started rearing their heads. Within my first twenty minutes there I was getting private messages from three different people, which I don't necessarily hate. One of the messages was from someone I actually invited to come here and message me further because I liked what he had to say so much. The other two people well, they did not. The first approached me wanting to know about me, because that site just asked for a screen name. There were no profiles to learn about people from. Fine, it happens. I answered his questions and shot back with a few of my own. Well one of my own was, how long have you been part of the lifestyle? A pretty generic question. His answer, a few years. Okay that's vague. Then he went on to tell me about much he loves rope bondage. My answer, I love shibari too, and rigging. He had no idea what I was talking about. Red flag. He's a fake or just been left so uneducated to what the lifestyle really is. Deep breath, conversation continues... with him telling me he's hard. How nice. *Sarcasm fairy!* Pretty much not interested in anything with him after that. The second person got invited back here so moving onto the third. A woman approached me calling herself a Mistress. We started out with the basic info of asl (age, sex, location.) It's pretty standard so I think nothing of it and almost always respond with America as my location until I get to know more about the person I'm chatting with. Her next question, and this is the part that really makes me HATE other online communities. Are you for sale? She's referring to slave auctions. *Sigh.* Fine, fine. No I'm not for sale. Are you owned? Yes... go away lady. Would you like a job? What?! Doing what? Find me other girls to sell. NO. I already have a job. It's good money, and will only take up weekends. Not interested.... Finally after asking for my panties so she can give them to some other girl and being turned down she finally took the hint. I'm still shaking my head over that interaction. That's not what BDSM is! It's not selling people or paying someone to find people you can enslave! Master slave relationships aren't about that either, they are again consensual and beautiful because of it. BDSM is a beautiful harmony of people consensually coming together for mutual pleasure, communication, and growth. So again, I really hate other BDSM online communities, because situations like that happen all the time. Its ignorant and abusive, and I am so grateful to be able to make this community into something more.
  2. So I had been waiting to share this news until my new partner in "crime" made the first announcement since this is his baby so to speak, and I'm just a proud 'step mommy.' Well here goes, that interview I did with Kuldrin, to be released at the end of this month... well it went amazing and now I'm his co-host. Change is Coming to the Krypt!!! Check out his official announcement here, subscribe, and listen in. We hope to help teach our community, and are starting with podcast geared directly at newbies in the lifestyle. This won't change my position here at Avalon, or my availability to anyone here. The only real change that might be seen is that I'm able to draw in more lovely people like all of you. Hope you give us a listen, and check out all of Kuldrin's amazing solo podcasts. As always, let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
  3. I'm sorry you've had to face such troubles. Friendships are as vital here too because they can be our primary lifestyle support systems. To abuse these friendships with dishonesty is a a truly shameful thing. One of my primary goals with Avalon is to help people overcome these pitfalls. Please let me know if you ever need my assistance.
  4. You are absolutely right here, honesty is the single most vital part of any BDSM relationship. With so much of what we do focusing on being able to trust and openly communicate, it couldn't be any other way. And for me, if someone is dishonest about something I found small, then 90% of the time they're dishonest about the big stuff too. I don't waste time trying to build relationships with those people and I openly discourage anyone else in the lifestyle from doing so either.
  5. Thank you for sharing this rather amusing translation guide. I'm sure it will come in handy in the future.
  6. A little back story and wandering thoughts for you all; I've got a few career changes coming my way in less than a months time, including a complete reset of my schedule, again. I work in retail as some of you may know, and our store is having a major remodel, literally everything is changing. I chose to volunteer to be part of this remodel, and singled myself out from day one to be the second in command. Only the remodel is all overnights, I go to work at 9:00 or 10:10 P.M. every night and don't come home until 6:00, 7:00, or even 8:00 A.M. the next day. I still have a life that occurs during the day so I've been forced to sacrifice a lot of sleep for this to happen, (sometimes I only get a total of six hours every three days.) Well now the remodel is wrapping up, I'll be going back to days the first week or two of April. Everything in my life will be taking a drastic turn again. Hopefully I'll even be able to sleep more. That being said I don't know what I'll be doing after the remodel is over. As I said, I singled myself out as someone who leads, something which my boss has taken as a boon actually. I also showed quite a bit more of what I have to offer and its been made known to me that I could take a different position than the one I held previously when this is all over. Or I could choose to fill my time popping from one work center to another, filling up all my available hours where and how I see fit. Its all going to be a very big change for me career wise. Irish, (my husband for those unaware,) is being incredibly supportive of all this, because he understands my ambitions. I feel very lucky to have him with me on this and all things. I just worry that these changes will again change some of our day to day dynamic in marriage, it certainly did when I started working nights. The shift again will be interesting and probably a bit stressful at first, though I'm looking forward to finally getting some sleep again. Finally I've got the thoughts about how my position in power at work is drawing out more of my submissive side. I know this is extremely common, but its not something I've needed to worry about. I was nurse, providing in home care before I started this job, something that honed me into a caring Domme more than anything. Working in retail up until this point I was just another worker bee, middle rung, I did the work and went home. Now I'm leading a team, second to my boss, and I actually have debates with her on how things need to be done. I don't always get the final word, which I respect, but I am heard, and others hear what I have to say too. Last night I was working along side her and every few minutes another team member would come up and ask me what we were doing next. They asked me, not her, and it struck me as odd. They have done so before but never quite so often as then. Luckily she didn't seem to mind, and didn't take any offense as I was able to keep them going in the right direction. Still it seemed odd. My husband keeps reminding me of how charismatic I apparently am, and how my natural drive makes me a born leader. I know I have that dominant edge, but its something that has never become part of my work this way until now. As a result of all this I'm having to be in charge of nearly all aspects of my life 24/7 now, and my submissive side is roaring with need when it can. I'm not worried that I'll become completely submissive, I know I'm not that person. I just think that it will be quite some time before my Dominant side is the primary focus of my being. That's not to say I won't indulge in a few overly tempting submissives, but I also won't be able to keep anyone in the long term for quite a while either. It will be something for me think on as my career changes again next month, though I think my subbie side will still need the most attention for a while. I know others have the same issue finding their personal balance in the lifestyle so I just wanted to share this piece of my own journey.
  7. I used to feel a lot of the same shameful feelings when it came to sex and my own proclivities. I still do from time to time, and I think the only the answer I've found when those feelings pop us is self-acceptance. I'm beautiful and there is nothing wrong with me, or who I am. I own my choices and their consequences, but that's on me. It's become my mantra for times when I feel this shame. Just something to keep in mind. Glad to hear you're feeling better.
  8. Well said and something I can definitely relate to Knight.
  9. I understand that you have heaps more in your life going on than just this. Time is an important component for growth, moving on, and making changes in one's life. I understand that you are hurt because of what happened at that other site, but I also disagree with completely shutting yourself off from making a future somewhere else. I recommend simply taking a break, but it is your choice. I hope that with a little time you'll be able to sort out your life, and your heart. We will be grateful to have you back here, contributing all the wonderful thoughts that make you, you, when (and if) you are ready.
  10. A lovely affirmation for everyone. Well said as usual.
  11. Today, and not too long ago again, I found myself in a conversatoin about whether or not a married person could be collared by someone other than their spouse. It is a tricky situation and despite all that I still found myself surprised by the straight out no I was met with, even when presenting what I thought to be valid arguements otherwise. And I was further shocked to note the hyporcrosy in this particular person who was all to happy to hold sessions with married persons, only to turn around and condemn the act as adultry in the case of collaring. My arguements were that each marriage (just as each relationship) is different. If the two married person's are in agreement about collaring then I see no issue with its occurence. Especially as I would hope that the collaring or to be collared person would be well aware of the previous committment to the spouse. However the arguement could also be made in that having a Master or Mistress formally is so much like a marriage in and of itself that having both might seem an inconquerable task. There are definite pros to having to manage only one such serious partnership at a time. And that's IF you can overlook the moral ambiguities that most if not all of us have grown up with regarding marriage. To me however I think, personally, that it can't be a strict yes or no, each dynamic has to be evaluated by those who are attempting to live in it and decide if its something they want, need, or can handle at all. Unfortunately we're not always able to find the perfect Master/Mistress and have them be the perfect spouse too. I doubt I am the only married soul struggling to find a balance in these affairs so I wanted to share my own thoughts and feelings on the matter.
  12. I have been married for only a short time, less than a year, though it certainly feels like longer. Five years I have spent with the man I am tied most surely too. It's a different sort of bondage and yet so utterly the same as any I've had with or as a Dominant. There's a securtiy and surity in our bondage. I contemplated this fact over the last week, that no matter what I do he will always stay, always forgive in time. I am cautious with my heart so when I felt myself feeling for another I had to ask what he would think, my husband, my dragon. Would he feel hurt and betrayl that I could not stop my heart from wondering as my flesh often does? We keep ourselves open to the possiblity of connecting with others, both on more shallow physical levels and in ways that are so visceral we ache from it. And it struck me, he doesn't worry because he too feels the ropes that bind us together. The ropes are not physical, but mental, emotional, spiritual, holding fast to both of us. So there is a great surity and safety is being his wife. I have been a MIstress, or MIss, and I have been a submissive and slave, this is the first time I've worn the title of wife, and so far it is my favorite.
  13. You two are very lucky to have each other. Happy Valentine's Day.
  14. Truly a beautiful way to remember one such as her.