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    Dominant Hedonist
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    Bondage, sensation play, hypnoplay, group play, and a whole host of things that I've not tried yet
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    scat, excessive blood, diapering, extreme humiliation


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    I enjoy philosophy, welding and fabrication, sculpture, fire, camping, cooking, music production, reading, hiking
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    I'm new to expressing the kinky tendancies I have, only choosing this path near the end of 2016. I simultaneously embraced polyamory and BDSM, which proved to be too much for my partner of four years to handle. My first D/s relationship was a fantastic time of exploration and discovery, which led me to what I now consider to be my main kinks: dominance, bondage (particularly rope), sadism, and hypno-play. Sadly, my submissive's deep religious beliefs and monogamous values led her on another path, and I am now in flux romantically and sexually. I've decided to take some time to work on myself and my skills to enrich my ability as a dominant. Though my experience is minimal, my interest and scholarly effort are high, and I've read a good number of publications related to the lifestyle. My goal is to become the best dominant I can be, which in my view is very close to the best person I can be. I wish to be the type of dominant that inspires submission based on merit, and am interested in learning and perfecting the skills in both the kink and vanilla worlds to do just that.

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