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    its complicated
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    ask me
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    i love to paint and read i play WOW and board games and cooking
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    im very new to this and i am searching for a DOM in my life that i can grow with

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  1. Happy Birthday to you i hope your day is fun and you enjoy your dinner with your wife. 

    1. Irish_MtDragon


      thank you bun bun. i will make sure to do so.

  2. Shame is crippling and it can make you feel small and unwanted. Thank you so much for sharing this it shows me some of you in ways I did not know and I like knowing you my friend.I hope that you are doing OK and I want you to know I'm here to listen anytime hugs
  3. Tigger my friend im sorry that you got dragged into this fight that was started by me i dont regret doing what i did he was a very bad man but i do regret you getting pulled in.if i could change it i would so that you could still be with your other friends. i hope you stay because i will miss you dearly and want you here as my friend but i understand the need to take a break. when you come back see i said when not if lol. we will be there for you with open arms ready to talk and help you anyway we can. and i hope to still talk to you on hangouts if you will be on there. hugs
  4. i got a message as well from tigger and it is touching to know someone is thinking of me and took time out of there day to let me know they care she is a great friend. mandisa happens to be on of my favorites and it is a song that touches my heart
  5. you mean the world to me
  6. love this poem