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  1. This is a beautiful and yet? heartbreaking story. One that is very true and one we can all learn from. Thank you for sharing.
  2. Standing up for what you believe in? it is never an easy thing to do. and when standing against one that is egotistical and power happy? it just makes it worse. Don't you see? This is what he wants. break down the friendships of all those involved and he wins. Don't you dare let him win Tiger. I have stood behind you as much as you have stood behind me, and i am still standing here. yes, getting banned hurt, you lost some of the friendships that you made but if you leave now? what friendships are you about to give up? what new friendships are you going to miss out on. This isn't just about some kind of battle, Sweet Tiger. This is about building a place where egotistical assholes are left at the door and where we can all come, without fearing what will happen if we say the wrong thing, or act the wrong way. it is a place free of the meat markets and a place where you can learn to become the woman you were meant to become, a place to safely find guidance and acceptance and a place that you do not have to fear your next step because there are so many others here to have your back. That is what Avalon is and all those here that are trying to build this community? They have your back, they care, and by God they aren't some group of power hungry people that is going to slap your hands and kick you out in the cold because you made friends with the 'Right' people. I really hope you read this, because we really do want to see you grow. we want to see you happy. we want to be your support. and we want to be your friend. I know I do.
  3. Rise up from the ashes of self loathing, recrimination and regret Step into the light and break free from the bonds of fear that smother thee. Free the innocence from the consequences of the dark, paid in despair and guilt Angels sent by God's Hand shall spread their wings and fly up to their new beginnings Upon their flight the sun will rise and you shall find the path of forgiveness For realization will come with the dawning of light that your sin is no longer their burden Freeing them of these dark bonds is the way of hope Only through true forgiveness will the light once again be seen and hope is within reach But it is in that moment of blinding bliss where the frailty of hope is the most destructive A broken promise, a failed sight, an unspoken truth, an evasive illusion Lead not into temptation the hands of hope for these hands are coated with bliss Slickened by life's desires, harden by life's broken faith, held up by mysteries of fantasy They hold no real strength for even strength is but an illusion that can be stripped away. Lost with a single thought, a missing word, a cold response, an illusion of compassion The flame of hope is snuffed out and the light begins to fade to gray. Reality sets in of the foolish steps that have been gained through both hope and trust Rise up from the bowels of hell, the demon of eternal lust Filled with greed and hunger his jaws drip with streams of hungry power His sights set upon the one too weak to stand against his dark needs And with two words, his talons sink in an unbreakable hold for his power is greater then her Stripping her of illusion, promise, faith and strength she bends before him A soul too weakened by strands of time, left alone within the fading light she is unable to fight Bonds of injustice, cruelty, and despair bind her body, and the loss of faith binds her soul It is in that moment when the last drop of hope is shed that the demon takes his hold Thick dagger like talons sink into her flesh and becomes one with her body Ripped off her feet she falls back into the dark as she watches that last sparkling ray of hope fade
  4. Thank you very much for the reminder Many times over and yes. I am worthy
  5. I think that it is I that should be thanking you for being you. For not just being a really great friend that gave advise to a stranger while having to deal with big walls of unbroken texts and extreme use of question marks but also a friend that stood up for what he believed and did so disregarding the consequences paid because it was to help a friend stand in a weak moment. I think that we all can learn a little something with the actions taken and sacrifices made that has brought us all here, I am very grateful to have met you PurpleKnight, and it is truly an honor to walk this path with you. Thank you for your advice, for your support, your friendship, for your shoulder to cry on and for your strength for it truly has made a difference in my life. And thank you for sharing yet another very beautifully stated poem.
  6. To a big bright long lasting beautiful future ☺ may you have many many MANY reasons to sigh happily ☺
  7. It is a beautiful thing to be able to speak life to lift the spirits of those lost and it takes a beautiful soul to do this without thought and for no other reason but to fallow one's instincts. Perhaps if more people would open their eyes to the power of life and hope our world may be a better place. Thank you for this gift and please never forget those spirits you have truly lifted up and power your words truly hold. May you never loose the power of speaking life and may you never forget that in the darkest of moments the power of life is all one has left to hold onto. And may we all never forget that it only takes a moment of kindness to make a difference.
  8. My deepest condolences to you for loosing your Sunshine. this is a beautiful tribute and a love like that should never be forgotten. Thank you for sharing this with us.
  9. Oh i love this! it gives the beauty of both good and bad depending on how you read it. *smiles* very nice. I chose to take it from the bottom and prefer to hold onto the belief that we all have the power to make our own path and that there is good in this world and many reasons to believe that the darkness and evil does not overshadow light and good.
  10. It is not easy to rise up from the ashes to begin again nor is it easy to find understanding that it is okay to be you and accept that we cannot be everything the world wants us to be. *smiles* very beautifully written.