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  1. i don't feel as if i am making up for some wrong in my past either, i honestly feel good when i help others. i do believe in karma also. i feel that if i put positive energy out, be it helping someone or just a smile to someone who is frowning, it will come back to me in some form at some point. So, i guess maybe for me, helping others is actually selfish? LOL
  2. The worst part of this most recent experience for me, was that it happened in merely a friendship type conversation. i am in a relationship, the person knew that, we were just chatting ... and then BOOM ... why? A stupid, meaningless lie. And yes, i agree 100%, if you are going to lie about something small ... what big stuff are you lying about?
  3. Need to vent... i'm not sure whether it's because i am such an honest person myself, but the one thing i have always hated was being lied to. And i feel that, especially in the BDSM lifestyle, honesty is a MUST. If you can't be honest about who you are, what you want, what your limits are ... then what are you doing here? And why lie about something insignificant? Something that means nothing in the grand scheme of things? When someone lies to me about something, anything ... i can't trust them. And then to cover a bold lie with "sorry if you misunderstood"? No, i did not misunderstand, you said A ... then later said B. If i don't want to reveal something, i say so. If i am uncomfortable about a certain topic, i say so. What is so hard about that? Why do people feel the need to lie? Am i just naive? i know it's not just an internet thing, because it's happened over and over in real life too. It just really gets me angry! Vent over ....
  4. i can just see it ... LMAO please do tell us His reaction!!
  5. There are many of those insults that could apply to our *shudder* President GK i need further translation of "May your chooks turn into emus and kick your dunny down"
  6. LMAO and i thought understanding a Canadian was difficult! "I gotta go give birth to a politician". Too funny!
  7. i was not laughing at Your pain HB, honest! i was laughing at the mental picture of You slapping Yourself in the side of the head. But yes, i have to stick with misty Sir. AND, Gate was laughing too *pout* However, since i too love getting spanked .... *wiggling my tail* over here GK
  8. No my friend, i don't think your influence has anything to do with it. Besides, while your glass slippers are pretty, we both know they don't fit me ... and they sure don't look good with my skirt *wink*
  9. Hmmm GK ... Are you saying you are a bad influence?
  10. This had me laughing, so sorry HB, i hope your ear has recovered ... and misty LOL i don't know what to say except i'm on your side! How you held in the laughter at that mental picture, i don't know.
  11. Come now PK, you know me better than that ... of course i told Him. *laughing* When have i ever held back how i am feeling?
  12. Do you remember those cartoons where an angel would appear on one of the character's shoulders, telling them to be good and do the right thing ... and a devil would appear on the other to say the opposite? Well that sums up what i've been feeling for the past 24 hours or so. i'm not sure if this is a normal reaction to a new relationship or not. i have tried to think back to when my former Master and i first got together to see if i can remember going through this, i just can't remember. i really enjoy being the "good girl". i love hearing Him say that! But for some reason, there is a part of me that wants to ... test Him maybe? Geesh i'm so confused! Maybe it's because He didn't check in on me throughout the day yesterday as He said He would. Maybe it's just my own insecurities coming into play. Maybe it's just because i am dealing with a lupus flare and can't do much but sit around and think. Maybe it's just normal in the early part of a D/s relationship. i don't know what it is, but this internal tug-of-war is very tiring. i know life can't be all sunshine and roses ... but the rain and thorns are getting to me!
  13. Thank you so much for sharing this. i'm sitting here with tears streaming down my cheeks, i know the shame you speak of all too well. Once again you have managed to bring out something in me, something that has been buried (and this time it wasn't on purpose).
  14. *Big Hugs* from one 'cat' to another We all need to take a step back from the edge at times. We care about you
  15. So many times in my life i have found a song that just seemed to speak to me at the moment. i know it's the same for many people, and there are times when a song can take you back to a place, or event, or time in your life just by hearing it again. There have been times when just turning up the radio and letting myself get immersed in whatever was playing has helped me to get out of my own head and feel better with whatever i happened to be dealing with at the time. That was the plan last night when i decided to go for a drive -- to get out of my head--and try to vent off some of what i was feeling. i had my local rock station turned up nice and loud, windows down and i just drove for a while. Then a song came on that i was not familiar with, but it was saying many of those things i was feeling. Thanks to 'OK Google' i learned the song was called Oh My God by Pretty Reckless. i looked up the lyrics this morning, and once again was surprised at how a song on the radio can seemingly reach inside of you and give voice to your thoughts and feelings. Music is something i will always cherish.