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  1. Gate you crazy old man where are you

  2. Play For Daddy

    By Crimson Pen


    She reclines back on the feather bed
    In her white lace bra and panties
    She looks at me with those brown eyes
    Her curly blonde hair cast down her shoulder

    Please let me Daddy,” she pouts
    Sitting on the edge of the bed, I’m firm
    “I said No,” with a growling smile
    Frustration sets in as she squirms a bit

    Daddy please I want to so bad,” she pleads
    Wearing me down, she looks at me seductively
    She lifts up and unsnaps her bra
    Letting it fall away she shows her pretty breasts

    You like to watch me don’t you Daddy?” she asked
    “You know I do babygirl,” I said beginning to cave in
    She pulls her knees up and slides her panties off
    “Okay,” I said as she spread her legs

    She looked at me with those beautiful brown eyes
    Her fingers began to caress her smooth shaven lips
    She moved with a pleasing lust in her eyes
    Her other hand moving to her hard nipples

    She began her rhythmic dance for me
    My heart beat fast with love and admiration
    Her lips glisten for me, waiting for me
    “I love to play for Daddy,” she whispered softly


    1. sexyjazz69


      Hmmm Niiiiice one! Lol :D

  3. As it's been said many times over and can't be said enough: Communication is key to ALL relationship and being in tuned to your partners feelings even when they can't or wont express them clearly to you. As some D/s relationships develop into deeper understanding of each other, those within them tend to learn the tell-tale signs of their partner's emotions/thoughts without asking; in-synch with each other. I had written about My own personal experiences with a couple of past submissives I was privileged to share many moments and time with. As I stated then, Wwe got to the point where W/we could sense when O/one of U/us was not quite right, not having a good day, having this heavy heart shared between U/us as though W/we were linked together. W/we could hear each other's thoughts without even talking to; W/we could sense when O/one or the other were awake for that day. This connection W/we shared doesn't happen to E/everyone, but when it does, you know you have gone past just a casual relationship; into one that E/everyone seeks to find once in their life. I was lucky enough to experience this twice. This is when you know you spent the time to build that bond and foundation that links the two of Y/you to become "O/one" with each other. HBMan and misty, I see this between you two in both your writings and the chats W/we have had. Always be open to each other and share your thoughts, regardless how trivial they may seem, Always be there to support each other both in good times and bad. It will only make your Union stronger. *applause*
  4. Good Girl


    By Crimson Pen

    My mind races from thought to thought.
    The rope is tight.
    His hand caresses me.
    The wetness grows between my legs.
    I feel the burning of the belt.
    I’m blindfolded into darkness.
    What is that inside me?
    My body tingles.
    There is no escape.
    My nipples are pinched.
    Take more of me.
    His hand is in my hair.
    I gag on him.
    Tears soak the blindfold.
    My heart is beating so fast.
    Strong hands on my hips.
    Take all of me.
    Thoughts are slipping away.
    He has me.
    Faintly hear the command.
    He’s saying “Cum for me precious.”
    I sense his strong movements.
    My long orgasm begins.
    He is hungry for me.

    My mind is still.
    No dreams.
    No thoughts.

    I feel his warmth.
    He’s holding my hand.
    He’s pulling the hair out of my eyes.
    I feel his gentle kisses and caresses.
    My body lies against his.
    His arms surround me.
    He whispers softly in my ear.
    “Good Girl.”


    Who is a BDSM Trainer, Types of Training and Their Responsibilities 

  6. That is what many are saying now about Trump!! LOL We all could sleep much better at night and not worry about His finger on the button!!!
  7. LMFAO..... You two are a pair.....I will let you determine "a pair of what?" I can understand the complications of communicating with someone from another country. I was once Dominant to a wonderful submissive from Scotland. During a conversation W/we were having; a discussion while she was out and about and she misplaces something that she had brought along with her. In her search I had asked her if she perhaps had it in her "fanny pack"? She stopped her search, shocked but yet laughing her tail off. I didn't understand what was so funny about it and she wouldn't tell Me right away as to why she responded in the way she did!!! Grrrrrrr Well after 10 minutes of being bewildered as to what was so odd about My suggestion to check her fanny pack and her having a good laugh about it; she finally broke down to tell Me what was so funny about My request. In Scotland; "fanny: translates tlo "pussy" and she obviously told Me it would be impossible to have put the item she was looking for in there!! It was much to big and she was much too tight. Not to mention it would have been to uncomfortable.. So HBman and misty; I feel your pain in not knowing exactly what your partner is saying to you; but it is an adventure to say the least in trying to figure it out!!! Good luck to the both of Y/you and keep on enjoying each other as you obviously are!!! Gate
  8. Dominant and submissive Reference Links and Material:

    The below are links to information I have read that I found are good reference/informational material that can help both novice and experience Dominants and submissives alike to help understand the dynamics and bond within a BDSM relationship.  Submissive Guide Terms used within the BDSM community Understand your rights as a submissive/slave/ kajira Dominant/submissive responsibilities to each other within a BDSM relationship Suggested contracts between a Dominant/submissive Dominant's guide in understanding how to develop the trust and bond necessary to form a strong foundation for a successful BDSM relationship 10 Ways to handle subdrop:  I saw this subject come up in discussion on site, so I found this link that may help others understand what it is and perhaps help in dealing with it A link to help those who would like to understand the differences and significance between the collars used within the BDSM community within a formal D/s relationship: