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    Puerto Rico

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    Alpha Submissive
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    Engaged, Owned and Collared
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    Master/slave, Dom/sub dynamics, sadomasochism bondage, impact play, rape play, age play, , kidnapping, breath control, mind control and torture, hypnosis, orgasm control and denial.... basically anything with in my limits
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    Women, kids, animals, body waste


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    Photography, science, medicine, vampires, books, music, art, painting, singing, going out, graphic designing. Love crafting with wire and crystals, recently learned how to knit because of Master and I'm fully enjoying it.... Just ask!!!
  • BDSM Interests
    Well I have been in the lifestyle for more than a decade now, Master has been for about 25 years. I have been trained in Old Guard protocols and have experience in different aspects of the lifestyle and we live it 24/7. I may be a submissive but it does not mean I will bow down to anyone just like that. My submission and loyalty belongs to my Master with whom I'm blessed to belong and wear His collar
    Any questions, just ask!
  1. Hey Sir, long time, no see. Hope all is well :)

  2. Mmmm.... if I have never spoken to you..... refrain from posting on my profile.... >:(

  3. Heya, Kieran...lovely to see you here!

  4. Happy to be here :) thanks for the rescue mission!