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  1. Very,Very Beautiful I hope I find that.... I pray I do....
  2. I can see this for me.. but It's beautiful...very beautiful
  3. I read several different daily devotions,most are of some sorta of Spiritual nature,,I was just reading form a devotion book by Iyanla Vanzant ,it's called "Until Today" and every month covers something different,March is AWARENESS...i haven't read from it in a while,but today I felt drawn to it and what I read felt like something I needed to hear....I';ll be paraphrasing some but I hope it helps like it did me... I'll be re reading it as I type this out.... it Starts : I open my heart and mind to be aware.. Pain is a warning that something is out of order! A philosopher once said."Until a man gets into trouble with his own heart,chances are he will not get out of trouble with God!" In other words,pain is not natural! It is a warning that something is placing a strain on you... Pain is life's way of getting your attention,of letting you are out of balance or out of order or both! It is rare that pain will slam you to the ground without a warning. It starts small. If left unattended,the pain becomes a flashing neon sign in the center of your brain. This is not natural. It is natural that you may feel a few pains at the beginning of a new experience. That's just a little fear passing through. The problem is that we have come to accept gnawing,sometimes debilitating pain as a natural way of living... We almost expect it! We believe that pain is a good thing. (laughs,Please know/remember this is mental and emotional pain ,laughs not the kind soo many here love to give and or receive) Nothing could be farther from the truth! There are people who will tell you to "Bite the bullet!" "Grit your your teeth!" Pain,they believe is good for you. And sometimes a little pain be good for you (this me now) it can wake you up and see something is wrong,like a fire alarm...It can show you what you need more of or less of.. What's gotten me in trouble is when I ignored the pain and I stayed w/ppl or situations that I knew we weren't good for me because the fear of change and that that possible change might bring kept me in place,even when it was causing me great pain... Pain to the point of wishing I could just cease to exist.... Not die necessarily,just not be for a while it that makes any sense... Just cease to be long enough for the pain to go away,because it was too heavy and over whelming to deal w/at the time.... You know that's one of the things (one a slightly different road for a second) of the things I came to love and or appreciate about BDSM when I started learning about it was the idea of it being used to help relieve the pain and of suffering of others,by giving them a way to deal with thoughts and or emotions and pain they couldn't or wasn't able to or didn't know to deal with other wise.... That feels soo beautiful to me that say someone w/a naturally leanings towards Dominance and or control or giving pain etc. can get what they need by giving those things to the right person and that same person can be helped or maybe get on the road to healing just by giving up that control and receiving accepting those gifts that needed to be given.... I love no matter how sexy it can be at times it doesn't have to have anything to do w/it... Just sharing and giving and two ppl can be much better off for the exchange.... Something I want to stay focused on,giving and getting whats needed for both ,not just the quick rush of an encounter... Any way back to our story I've let pain come in to my life sooo soo many times in my life and then stood there like a proverbial deer in headlights and just let myself hurt instead of moving or changing or growing like the pain like it was showing me I should.. I run from it or try to sleep it away or just pretend it wasn't there because no matter how unhappy I was and how often I mentioned aloud it seemed I didn't want to do the work needed to rid myself of the pain,in part because the changes needed to get rid or change the thing or circumstances hurting me I knew would bring me more pain,at least at the start..... But around the 1st of the year I stumbled upon a site one night bored and lonely and hurting not really having a clue what I would find, while I've hurt a little more these last two days finally cutting my ties there,I'm trying to be grateful for all my pain because it's brought me where I am now.... To a place where I'm finding support and encourage, I need.. Thank you,I Hope I can do the same in kind....
  4. I'm always here for you... I'm always just a call or a ping away... I haven't been blessed w/any true siblings,always wanted brothers but to me your the Sister of my Heart and if I'd brothers I'm sure we'd have tormented good together... Love and hugs...
  5. Always there to help an or encourage huh Gates ? lol
  6. Sorry Kitty that was MUCH bigger than I meant
  7. You seem like a strong and very secure person from what little I've seen of you.... We've barely interacted w/each other but That's what I feel when I think of you.... Your right those feelings are hell,but just continue to be open and honest and yourself and I'm sure you'll work it out.... Hug
  8. I just saw this on a friends feed on instagram and it was Wow....
  9. Thanks Kitty Someone I care about deeply is blind in one eye and we were worried he could lose his vision due complications to his diabetes this week and w/soo many other things going on it was just really rough... Thank you.. knowing ppl care always helps in innumerable ways.. big kitty hugs
  10. [Link Expired]
  11. [Link Expired]
  12. I am soo soo sorry.... When I said take a break, I meant like Ross and Rachael (a la "Friends") or that "break" the love to sing about in the Kit Kat jingles.... A few days a week at the most.... That was all,I promise..I swear! I am soo soo sorry you all EVER thought something else.. I know when all you have is words on a a screen it can be easy to misunderstood or have misunderstandings and I deeply apologize for any stress and or worry I have caused..... Ok, The permanent ban was just the straw that felt like it had broken me... Not forever , just for a few days or soo, I've had a lot going on in my life at times that has been stressful health problems of mine and a loved one,and (deep sigh) I also stopped and thought about how long I've been at all this.... This meaning the virtual BDSM world at large,and I was stunned to realize/remember I've only been at this a lil over 2 months... Two months,not the at least six or more it feels like.. Six months of up and downs of ppl I thought liked me or cared,(swallows past a sudden lump) or in one case I thought maybe returned the love for me,I had for them that was soo sudden and real and potent I felt I finally understood all those crazy things ppl run off to places like Vegas to do.. But in a heartbeat after a few weeks he was gone,leaving behind like I never existed... Sadly for me,I guess when I care, I care deep and it doesn't go away easily even when some ppl show me just what a giant douche they may be there's a part my me that quietly mourns what might have been.. some more than others and some not really at all but it can all wear you down.... Giving of myself is a part of who I am as just a person and as an Artist,part of being one is that innate need to share to give.. To give of ourselves and of the world to help reframe the beauty and meaning we see,but it can take it's toll and yesterday I'd reached a _"Temporary_" limit of mine and I just NEEDED to pull back... I swear it was NEVER my intent to cause any drama or hurt..sighs.. Please,please forgive me,All those I worried.. I am sorry... If I could give you all That I've worried a big hug to finish this
  13. I'm taking a break..... From entry into the virtual side of BDSM just a little over two months ago,I learned a lot about myself and others,Some of it good and some not as good but I count all as experience gain,and lessons learned.... And I can see some real Improvements in myself things I'm really really proud of,but on the other hand I'm stuggleing to heal hurts that have been created by the by it as well that has dragged me down in ways I simply don't need.... With out saying too much,I cam into this as a point of change in my life where I NEED to make a good many changes on every level in my life,and in some ways all this has helped more than I may currently know... It's also been an emotional Roller Coaster at times that's hurt me at times when I could handle it least.... Soo I'm stepping away at least for a while,at the moment I feel like I'm giving more than I'm getting.... Thank you all for any and all kindness you've sent my way,I learned early in life to NEVER take kindness in life for granted,it's NEVER a given and it's always needed... But at the moment I'm hurting and this what I need.... If any of my Friends,need me,send my a message,let me know I might be slow but I will reply,that is the friends can still be in touch w/... you see I have ppl I cared for on another site I ,sniff, I was really,really looking for ward to making contact w/ again I'd been banned,a bann that was _"supposed"_ to be temporary You see I had been considering stepping back,even though I was eagerly awaiting a chance to see some of my friends again,but that chance was selfishly stolen from me because I befriend the "wrong" ppl and was brought into a fight,just because of who I knew,I was never bitter or angry because I knew and know the fight was just... I still is.. I know this.. but What pisses me off is never being given a choice.. Something I NEVER had enough of ... and this :
  14. She always speaks to my heart ....
  15. Dig a little deeper I read this devotion today it made me think,not just about what they were trying to say but on a point I felt ran parallel to what they were talking about.. A woman is looking thru the clothes when she notices a sweater that has been passed over for days... She then remembers what her sewing teacher in school had told her once, "If you want to know the quality of a garment,always peek inside,she said."That's how you discover the real story." So she looks at the label, it looks expensive and indicated the garment was of Italian design... Further scrutiny revealed that the seams of the sweater that the seams were intricately hand bound prevent fraying.... Made of The softest, lightweight merino wool, and it had a timeless design.... Soo for three dollars she purchased it,upon returning and researching it on the internet found out it was originally from a high end Italian luxury fashion house and had originally cost around a thousand dollars... As her teacher had advised looking on the inside steered her right... I know I might not always dig as deep as I should but I'm promising myself to make sure I try a little harder ... We should dig a little deeper to make sure we see someone's worth soo we don't throw them away to quickly... sometimes there is beauty hidden beneath life's mess that can amaze or astound us if only given a chance .... A wonderful friendship just waiting to be found... But then again sometimes ppl don't try to hide who they really are but we allow our selves to be hurt by trying to see qualities that aren't there.. .Making them into something their not just because it not what we want to see... My thought is seek balance,don't try to give someone more credit than they've earned but try don't rush to judge either ( even if only in your own mind)... Just try to follow heart and don't ignore common sense or your gut just because you don't like what your trying not to hear Soo dig a little deeper you never know what you might be missing...