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    It is easier to ask my hard limits. I do and try most things, including extreme pain, bondage and rape play.
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    I am a "loving sadist" and am rather protective of vulnerable submissives. If you cannot respect the wonderful gift of submission and cherish those who provide it, we will not get along. I am very rough around the edges and can be very intense, loving impact play, whips, canes, electro-torture, fire play, knife play and other inventive ways of inflicting pain. Even though I tout myself as evil, however, I do have a softer side that allows me to be attentive to the needs of those who are under my control.

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  1. Before you enter any online BDSM community, it is important to understand how the information and materials you post may be used so that you can take a proactive approach to protecting your privacy and personal information. By joining this forum, you are giving consent for everything you say and do here to be used and seen by other members. This is due to the implied consent doctrine, which states that people do not need to provide written consent when their actions or failure to act imply that they consent to certain laws, rules or policies. Since there can be such broad applications to this law, I thought it important that you understand how the information you post on our forum can and will be used and the rights that you will retain while a member. Legal Definition of Implied Consent There are a variety of resources I can point you to when understanding consent laws. As a writer, who furthermore works routinely with a lawyer, I have an intricate understanding of concepts such as intellectual property, copyright and implied consent. It is important to understand that intellectual property and consent are two different things, and I will explain how we treat each of those things below. Intellectual property can be defined as an idea, design, story or other material that a person has created or produced. If you post a blog on our forum, the blog itself is your intellectual property. Your intellectual property is yours until you provide consent to give the rights up to another person in exchange for money, exposure or any other form of compensation. Copyright is important because it is what allows writers, musicians and artists to maintain the rights to their materials. What a copyright guarantees is that your content may not be used without your consent. Read the last three words of the previous sentence. Without your consent. Implied consent is a legal doctrine in the United States and many other countries that protects people in my position by defining what constitutes consent when there is no written contract. It is often used in drunk driving cases, rape trials and other high profile proceedings, but also applies to copyright claims when people share their content on websites. If you would like an exhaustive definition of implied consent, you can look here. I will summarize it for you as it applies to this site. Implied consent is the willingness of a person to adhere to rules, regulations or consequences based on his or her actions or inaction alone. By signing up to this forum, you are consenting that the Code of Avalon will apply to you while you are a member and that your posts will be used by the website as the administrators see fit. This applies to your profile information, pictures, blog posts, forum posts and chat activities. Your Rights as a Forum Member While implied consent protects The Order of Avalon, it is important to understand that your rights and property are protected here. If you would like to post blogs or stories, do so with the full knowledge that you will maintain your copyright, but also under acknowledgement that you consent to the material remaining here on the site even after you have departed. If you wish to submit material to be featured in our resources or articles sections, understand that you have the right to and will receive a byline for every article that is published so that you have credit for your work. You cannot rescind your permission at a later date, however. The very act of signing up for this forum has provided consent that your material be kept on the forum unless the administration sees fit to remove it. Therefore, keep these things in mind when you proceed, as we cannot be liable for you posting personal information or any pictures or videos that could prove to be compromising at a later time. My personal recommendations are that you use an email address for the express purpose of BDSM activities and never show your face in pictures you post in public. It is my hope that you join us and contribute actively here in a constructive manner and I hope that this information helps you understand your rights and how to protect your personal information and privacy.
  2. Hey Sir, long time, no see. Hope all is well :)

  3. Well, congrats on your new relationship. I think you should just be open with him and tell him what you are feeling so that he can help you with those insecurities. The only thing holding you back here is fear and shame- and there is no reason they should.
  4. This morning was quite an unusual one for me. I had plenty to do, which is par for the course. I needed to go get some cash to tip the cleaning people who are coming later, to stop at the rental office to order some maintenance work and request a wall be painted and also needed to eat. People tell me that I don't eat enough. You haven't seen my belly. But I digress... I stopped into Burger King because I love their Eggnormous Burrito. It has the trappings of a great breakfast for me- the eggs, ham and bacon along with some less healthy things (the potatoes kill it as a diet item for me). The person who took my order informed me it was his first day and he was a jolly, boisterous and flamboyant man who couldn't have made it more clear what his preference was. I found him extremely entertaining for some reason, but this could be because I was just in an oddly good mood after a long night of work and some naughtiness. He told me to go have a seat and that he would bring my food out to me and my choice of seat placed me in the front show for what I would have though was an episode of WWE Smackdown- Homeless Edition. I hadn't really noticed the two until the scuffle, but this older man who smelled of manure randomly goes up to this 19 year old kid and shoves him. The kid begins crying assault and I think to myself that the entire display was rather juvenile. Until the kid goes outside to call the police and the man grabs all of the kid's belongings and walks outside, throwing them over the railing and onto the street. That was when I realized that was all the kid had. All of his belongings in a back pack and two white garbage bags. I was staring at myself, ten years ago and nothing seemed happy or funny any longer. I felt his pain and anguish. I felt his shame. When you carry all that you belong on your back, you can feel the eyes. They burn into your soul, even if you can't see them or don't look. People know what you are and they begin to write your own story for you-- assuming you are there because you are lazy or an addict or a failure. On top of that, the kid was attacked by a mental case who proceeded to talk in jibberish until he was told to leave. The kid remained out front, talking on a phone he borrowed to call the police. That was when the jolly, flaming cashier arrived with my food. How could I eat after witnessing that display? I needed to do something, so I reached into my wallet and grabbed one of my business cards, telling the boisterous one I was okay when he asked as I headed for the door. I went out and handed it to the kid, telling him if I wasn't there when the cops arrived, I could be contacted for my statement. I was only five feet away from it all. Then I went back in and waited. The kid returned, disheveled from it all and visibly defeated. I asked him if he had eaten and he gave me a deflective response. I told him I would buy him whatever he wanted from the menu. He was too ashamed to accept my offer. I sat back down. I noticed how slow I was eating. I just wasn't very hungry. As the kid sat waiting and the workers cleaned up that foul manure smell, I began to build rapport with the kid. I opened by talking about how the other guy needed help and was probably hopped up on drugs and homeless. That led the kid to admit that he was- without never using that despicable word. It was then I told him that I was in his exact position and if he wanted to, he would be able to get out. We were chips off the same block, products of broken homes and parents who had made terrible choices. We couldn't control any of that, but we could control ourselves. He asked me what I did and I explained it. We spoke about dogs- what I was doing with Oliver and the dogs he had but sadly needed to put down. I shared a poem about losing dogs and I learned more about his efforts to get out of his situation. He was getting ready to join a program that gave people a place to stay and the on the job training they needed to establish themselves in an area they desired to work. He wanted to pursue a culinary career- something that I once considered doing. I was staring in a mirror and I began to wonder what I would have wanted back then. I really wanted to help him. I remembered my own stubbornness when I was homeless. I was too proud to go back home because they would rub it in. So I remained in that position for much longer than I needed to, even though I did eventually rise from my ashes. I explained to him that I could help if he ever wanted advice, because I got out and he could too with hard work. As I was leaving, I reached into my wallet. I never have cash on me except when I tip those cleaning people. This was no coincidence. I told him to take the twenty I offered-- that he would get hungry eventually. The look in his eyes was flooded with emotion. He wanted it so much but was too proud. He didn't want to admit he was in a position to take help. But I said "I have plenty. Take it. Get some food and enter that program. Call me if you ever need to know how to get over a hurdle." He finally took it, saying no one had ever been so generous. I just said that it isn't worth having while others suffer. On my way home, it occurred to me to share this experience. It reminded me of the power that shame has always had in my life and I could see the crippling power it had on this kid. Shame is a killer because it deflates our self worth and paralyzes us when we need to reach out. There is a humility you learn from it, but only when you finally ask for and accept the help you need. You see, it is pride that turns shame into quicksand-- consuming us as we try so desperately to fix a problem without the help we need and the help that is being offered to us. How many times have you not said something to someone because you don't feel worthy? How many times have you hidden your emotions because you felt you would be judged for them? How many times have you rejected the assistance you needed only to be worse off for it? Shame is a killer as it keeps us from being open and honest. It is the antithesis of propinquity as it forces you to build walls instead of overcome them and pushes others away instead of inviting them in. When you need help or want to express feelings that you fear will be responded to with judgement, you need to remember that shame is what is holding you back. You will never receive the help you require or know how the other person feels unless you swallow your pride and ask for help or make those feelings known. People are unable to help you or know how you feel unless you tell them what you need. I look back on all of the things I've done in my life for which I have shame-- those dark passengers in my closet that remind me I will never be a good person. They all feed on my shame and when I looked into my own eyes today, I realized where I came from once more-- that I have actually made progress in my life and accomplished things through dedication and hard work. That for whatever guilt I bear over my past, I now have the power to make a difference. The only thing that has been holding me back all this time is shame.
  5. Due to the hilarity, I've made this a featured entry.
  6. I'm sorry, but I can't help but point out that we are not the BDSM Library. The bulk of our early members came from that place, but it is no longer who we are. We came here because we didn't approve of what was happening there. You've given a prime example of some of Torq's ridiculous behavior and why that site was run poorly under his care. Yet you are punishing your real and true friends. The people who stuck with you all the while you were sent on your way by that other place. You are walking away from people who sacrificed for you. I can't just pat you on the back and say everything is going to be okay. Life is about choices. You have a choice right now. You can get better or you can get bitter. This is a saying that Charlotte used to tell me all of the time and it couldn't be truer now. Let's look at the man Torq has become. He was hurt by someone and became bitter afterward, forever changing his course and outlook on life. Everything he does is out of anger and any psychologist will be able to identify that his rage is mostly turned inward. So what are you going to do now. Are you going to go the way of bitterness or are you going to choose to be better? It isn't fair to walk away from the friends that remained by your side, but again, that is going to be your choice. Here they are, all offering encouraging words after you've said you wish to abandon them. We aren't the library. We didn't push you out. We welcomed you in. You are still welcome if you look above at what's been said. But I can't help but be disappointed. I see someone who I have had a lot of respect for turn my friendship down. That hurts. I too can get better or get bitter and I'm going to do my best. It's all I can and if you choose to appreciate it, that's great. If not, then I can't change that. You need to see it yourself.
  7. I have to say that I'm beyond words on this. All I've ever wanted from this site was for people to benefit from and appreciate it. I am happy to know that you do, and for your comment, I am truly thankful. Sometimes, I wonder how much of a help I really am to others. We all have our insecurities and that is mine. Thank you for giving me something that I needed this morning.
  8. When discussing BDSM, safety is not the sexiest topic; but it is a necessary one for any practicing Dominant or submissive. You will find many articles on this site over time that will go into how to explore different types of bondage, torture and play in a safe and sane manner. Things can go wrong even when you have done everything right, however, and that is why you really need to consider what actions you are able to take in order to make sure that the submissive comes out of the experience okay. My Own Experiences as a Cautionary Tale I have been a Dominant from 21 years old, when my girlfriend asked me to choke her during sex and I complied— opening the door to the rabbit hole I found myself winding down ever since. There were a lot of things I did right over the time I’ve explored my desires, but also a lot of mistakes. Learning from our mistakes is an important part of our journey, but some mistakes have dire consequences. There have been a couple occasions when I’ve played with a submissive that things did not go exactly as they were planned and I am lucky to have been equipped with the knowledge I obtained through my First Aid and CPR Certification courses. I needed these certifications for some of the volunteer work I’ve done in the past and plan on doing in the future, but you don’t need to be involved in such activities to sign up for a course. Some of my really hardcore kinks include breath play and electroplay. These can be extremely arousing for the right people, but they can also be very dangerous, even if the Dominant knows what he is doing. On one occasion, I had a sub faint during breath play and on another, electroplay stopped her heart. In both cases, the subs survived because I was able to revive them. Think about this for a moment though. What if I had not been trained to be able to revive a person? I probably wouldn’t be here right now. In both cases, I had to soul search and decide whether I wanted to continue in this life because I felt so guilty over what had happened. That is just who I am. When something goes wrong, I immediately blame myself and I felt I failed these two girls. The real failure would have been being unprepared and allowing them to die due to two very freak accidents. During breath play, there can be a very short window between where someone will faint for a moment or be unable to self-resuscitate. Electroplay always comes with the risk that you will stop the heart, no matter how safely you approach it! My CPR training kept two people alive and me out of jail, so I have always believed since then that you cannot participate in BDSM play without having a First Aid and CPR Certification. I’m not just suggesting this. I am saying that if you are a Dominant and you wish to touch a submissive in the real world, this is a requirement. Where to Earn Your Certifications Here in the United States, it is not that difficult to enroll yourself in a First Aid or CPR Certification Course. Many local organizations and volunteer groups offer them, but if you do not know where to search, you can always look at the American Red Cross. Follow this link to find a course nearby. For those in Australia, you can go here to find information on how to get certified through the Australian Red Cross. The British Red Cross provides classes to all of those in the UK and you can sign up by clicking here. If you live in a country I’ve not mentioned, I would be happy to help you find a course through the Red Cross or another organization. Just send me a message. On an online BDSM community, it is easy to explore your fantasies without ever living them out in person, but for those who do wish to play for real, it is extremely important that safety is a priority. Part of that is to prepare for mistakes because nobody is perfect. I can tell you from experience that I would beat myself up for ever harming a sub unintentionally, but I would never forgive myself if anyone died under my care. Get your certifications so that doesn’t happen to you either!
  9. I've often wondered how my own actions will reflect on me. In recent days, I've weighed the consequences of actions and decisions that I've made over the past months, from the more serious and impactful ones to the minor choices that can affect those close to me. All people are flawed in some way and it is our imperfections which can make us extremely beautiful creatures or completely dreadful. What colors truly shine through us on a daily basis? And what does this have to do with the BDSM Library? I'm going to reveal one of my weaknesses to you guys in this post because I think it is important that you see I am a human. Some people have already confronted me on this, but I don't view myself as a good person and tend to fight it when people tell me I am. I've always considered myself a "creature of the night" and my colors to be purple and black- the colors of the night sky. I have vowed to use my darkness in a manner that can do some form of good for other people and to try my best to inspire others. There are some days I excel at this far better than others. There is a time for everything- this includes the building up of things and the tearing down of them. But of people themselves, I see tearing down as something only for the wicked. I don't mean the constructive form of tearing a person down in order to make him or her stronger here, but character assassination, the desecration of what the person holds dear and dishonoring people who do not have the option of defending their name. I was sent this screen shot today of my profile on the BDSM Library by misty, who was concerned because it shows Torq changed my home page URL and knows where we are now. I say, let him know. It also proves every point I've ever made about him. I had over 100 posts on the library- mostly in the Tasking Society where I worked so hard to inspire people to explore and learn about themselves so that they could be in control of their destinies as they continued along their paths. Those blogs and posts were removed and my legacy replaced with this. One could think of it as tragic, but I see it as revealing. It reveals the character of a man who consistently violates his own rules and is completely self-unaware. His myopic view of things and inability to see how very actions as these cast his colors is why the BDSM Library is destined to falter, flutter and fall. For some, the end of it all is the true tragedy. Some have dedicated much more time to culturing that site than I did and will lose far more than I did. The site has cancer though and it has spread throughout the upper levels. Torq falsely accused me of being the hacker who continues to take the site down when I am not a technical type. I chose extra security tools on this site because I'm not an expert in coding or security at all. He has also characterized the truth I revealed about his reading PMs as false rumors, when in the same breath he uttered the exact number of members I told people we recently recruited that we have. So while you may be angry that my good name is tarnished, I never viewed myself as a good man to begin with. Use this instead as a mirror. It is undeniable evidence of Torq's character, his lack of integrity and his immaturity. When you are speaking with others about the state of that site and debating his rightness, you only need to direct people there. What man who felt in the right would go out of his way to remove 70 posts and to alter someone's profile in the spirit of a vengeful teenager? His colors are revealed and they are ugly. Torq is that man and he owns the BDSM Library- which will have a legacy of its own. I find it unfortunate that so many of the innocent will be affected, but the doors of Avalon are open to the weary who are looking for refuge from this callous and dangerously ignorant man who is a disgrace to his leathers. Let us turn now to building a new legacy and a new culture. Yes, a time for building is now upon us.
  10. Here at The Order of Avalon, we strive to help people in the BDSM community connect with one another to be able to find like minded friends and partners in the lifestyle. Our forum is an integral part of the community, but it is paired with an adult chat as well. This chat room is mobile friendly, so you can use it via your tablets and mobile browsers, but some people wanted a tutorial to help you find your way around and to enjoy it as much as possible. To begin, let's bring up a screen shot of the chat so that you can see where everything is located. The chat rooms are in fact, listed as groups, which can be confusing to some. You have the ability to be in as many groups as you wish at the same time and can leave them whenever you please. You can also open your own room, if you so desire. I will explain how to do that later on in this guide. In order to navigate between PMs and the chat rooms, you can select contacts or groups. The contacts will allow you to select one of the people who is currently showing as visible (going invisible is a good way to keep people from sending unwanted PMs). We have the ability to send pictures and videos via attachment and the attachment icon is the way you can tell you are able to send messages in the room. If it is not there, click the room again. The smiley icon menu is self explanatory. Now let us discuss what you can do through the user menu and how to send private messages on our adult chat room. When you have selected one of your contacts, it will open up the PM as if it were another chat room. Clicking the user menu icon (what people call the triple dots) will allow you to set your status, turn off sound notifications and let you manage your blocked users or play games. If you are waiting for some action to develop in the room, playing games may help you pass some time and many have already said that it is a fun and hilarious addition. Some of those games are goofy and can lead to laughs! Now, in order to see which people are in the room you are currently speaking in and to access additional features, you can click that > mark next to the room name. My next screenshot will show you what you can do from there. You obviously won't have the option to kick or ban people through the view users menu, but you can use this menu as an alternative to send PMs and to unblock those who you have ignored in the past. You can also save your conversation in a log that would come in handy if you ever have a problem that you need to bring to a moderator. Logs provide the proof we need to take action. Finally, you will notice that our BDSM chat has audio and video chat functionality. Whether you can use it will depend highly on your computer configuration. Some people have been able to access it easily while others have struggled. We are constantly trying to find ways to improve our site, so we will try to iron that issue out over time. Creating your own chat room will allow you to enjoy private group play or to hold important discussions. You can make your rooms open to all, invite only or password protected. As you can see, opening a new room is rather easy. I really don't need to go into much detail there. I would like to thank Funsize for suggesting this guide and for submitting me an article on the topic. I sort of changed it because of the addition with screen shots. I hope that you all have the chance to stop into the chat as it allows those who are looking to connect with others they enjoy speaking with on the forum to do so while remaining within our BDSM chat community. As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to seek out a Protector of the Realm, Knight, Lady or Squire to assist you.
  11. I did not see the comment you speak of, but I do know of your need. Finding any partner can take time, especially in the BDSM world, and unfortunately, most of the modern age dominants were not brought up properly in the lifestyle. They see what we do as violence plus sex and not much more. However, there are people that do see it as so much more and who cherish the gift of submission. I believe this site has been attracting those quality people and in time, one of them may feel just like you- as if he has been spinning his wheels while searching for that perfect sub. The only thing I can say for certain and promise you is that you have a group of people you can lean on here. We will wipe your tears and listen to your fears while you continue to push forward on your journey and whenever you need our support, we are there. misty is a great person to talk to about sub frenzy because she has been through it and funsize is a valuable resource as well for sub related issues. Then we do have some great Dominants here who won't expect anything of you that you aren't willing to give and who can help you explore your desires. My suggestion is to use the full benefit of what our people here have to offer because we are here for you. We are here for every member on this site and will treat you like family- because you are. I really hope things ease up for you and if there is anything at all that I can do to help, you know that I wouldn't blink an eye before doing it.
  12. Saw this before heading off and needed to respond. I can tell you from experience that patience is key. I too suffered loss. The love of my life died about six years ago now. She was my perfect sub and I her gallant Master, but tragedy struck when she had a large blood vessel burst in her brain. Was dead before she made it to the hospital. Now that I've grieved, I know she would prefer me to be happy and fulfilled, but finding a sub who is perfectly compatible takes time. I can't just settle for the sub that works just for the time being because that wouldn't be fair to her. And so I wait, patiently. I know that she will come- the perfectly compatible submissive that understands me and who I understand. She will be worth the wait, just how the perfect Dominant for you would be worth the wait. I know you are frustrated, but you need to take your time. All good things come with work and patience and you just need to be prepared for when it comes. I hope that this helps.
  13. Thank you for being you and for being a part of this. You are a good friend, Tiger.
  14. Shots have been fired, my fellow Avalonians. I knew that this day was inevitable and it is upon us now. Unable to hold my tongue any longer, I spoke truth to Torq both in the forum and on the chat. I am anticipating my ban there to be forthcoming. It is what I wanted. I can focus more of my time on providing you guys with the community that you deserve. So now I am going to ask that you join me in reaching out to others who may need to find refuge or who may wish to exit the land of corruption that currently has a grip on their BDSM journeys. The time for action is here and I know that we will shine, as we have a wonderful group of here comprised of experienced, educated, loyal, compassionate and giving people who I am proud to call Avalon. I wrote a poem to commemorate the occasion: Though I am a creature of the night I vow to fight for what is right I will not stand here idly by While hearing the sound of the innocent's cry My enemies are corruption and injustice My allies honor and truth To refuse to stand up for the wounded Is oafish and uncouth Though I am a creature of the night I have taken up others' plight To see a smile born of a frown To see the corrupt torn down My shield is made of truth and honor My sword and I are one Now cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war For we have already won
  15. I am so glad to see you are able to cope with these feelings. I think you have needed this for a long time. You've come a long way. Keep it up.