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    Welcome to our Articles Section here at the Order of Avalon. This section is similar to resources, but is meant to feature outstanding work from the community and to offer information on more specific topics than you will find in our Resources section. I am always looking to feature work created by you guys, so if you would like to be featured here, please message me. The following will apply if I choose to feature your work.

    • I will have the right to edit the work so that it fits the parameters of what the site is looking for. This includes editing spelling, grammar and minor changes to the content.
    • I will always place a byline at the bottom of any work that is not mine so that you have full credit.
    • You will maintain your right to feature your work on other sites.
    • By submitting your work, you agree to have it featured for free. You may still be paid for it if you submit it elsewhere.

    I look forward to the amazing content you guys submit in the future and hope that you will find my own contributions informative and helpful.